Autonomous Technologies Conference
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Cameron Gieda

Spartan Radar
Vice President of Business Development
Born and raised in Northern California, Cameron started his career in factory automation and robotics almost 20 years ago. Having worked for companies such as Keyence, Omron, Emerson and Honeywell, he helped customers solve complicated sensing and safety application with a large range of technologies. As robotics and sensing technology slowly expanded to public roads, agriculture and mining Cameron shifted his focus from the factory floor to autonomous mobility. This market expanded rapidly around while Cameron was working with quickly growing company called AutonomouStuff where he offered sensors, computers data storage and autonomous research vehicles to most companies looking to profit in the autonomous mobility space. Combining his love of cars with his love or robotics , this was a perfect fit! Cameron sold research vehicles and perception sensors to most of the largest players in the Silicon Valley “Autonomous Gold Rush” from 2015-2019. As the VP of Business Development with Spartan Radar, he continues his quest to connect sensing application to the right technology with the goal or creating safe and deployable vehicle platforms across many vertical markets.